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Visualize C

In which situation are you
C Something about unpalatable conflicts or fear of death

Which wish do you have.
C more recognition of what I have


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Your Physical response
C more limp hand

Your emotion thereby
C more sad or satisfied

Your thinking thereby
C more rejecting or accepting

Your behaviour thereby
C more avoidant or attuning


Action that fits this energy is C self-affirmation on something you have


Visualize on C


Now think of a story that contains 3 of the words below.

Weak hand, satisfied, accepting, agreeing.

Apply it to the problem you have been working on, using what is most involved, the heartbeat, the lungs or the digestive system.

Let water play a role in this.

Remove/keep, you experience something or not that makes you .....

Selection/retention you want to have something. 

Take a panoramic look at livelihood options.

Remember, there is abundance.

Maak je eigen visualisatie en gebruik frequentie 432
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Before you go to the future, you can investigate whether any clean-up is still needed.

Do you need to rest, recover or detox?

Provide sufficient fluid so that the body has the opportunity to remove certain substances. Start the day with a hot breakfast so that the internal heater can be heated without too much effort and don't do 2 things while you eat. 

Create a positive image with at least 3 keywords of the color yellow.

For example; limp hand, satisfied, accepting, agreeing.

Recall this image for 9 seconds 6 times a day.

Do this with dedication as if it is already completely there.

Repeat this for 9 days.

You can think of something you want to avoid or have.

You cannot digest or chew something.

What experiences do you want to have and what things do you need for that? 

Within your visualization you can run as fast as you want when that's what you think you need...

But perhaps it is precisely the confrontation that you could enter into....

What is good or bad to digest (literally or figuratively).

Visualize what you want and how you are going to get it. Think about what you want to attach to and what you want to let go of because it makes you so sad or satisfied. What do you want to select or keep what you need and view the options to reject or to  accept. 

How do you want to deal with attachment and letting go, your sadness or satisfaction and how do you ensure that you can recharge? What do you want to avoid or hold on to? And what are you going to do with your need to recharge?

Is there a loss or gain?

You might want to think, “I can take this.”

But especially that which is already in abundance. What makes you feel satisfied/satisfied?

So I am not able to lift 20 kilos, but I am able to lift more and more.

The 8 key words here are; rejecting -accepting-slack-handed-sad satisfied-avoiding attuning.

 But also use words aimed at your needs, such as recognition, empathy, appreciation, performance, optimize, relax or tolerance and patience. 

Use your imagination.

Nothing is too crazy as long as it is aimed at a non-aggressive, positive experience.

Fantasize about it. Maybe you are overflowing with love.

If you have any doubts about the direction of your visualization, write a letter first.

Write a letter to yourself in the future and start...

It gives me such satisfaction!


Those were good times.

There are 8 (yellow) keywords in the system.

Use those different words for your letter choices.

Attachment, letting go, limp hand, rejection, acceptance, sad, satisfied, avoidance, atonement, charging, selection, conservation.

But you not only include the key words, but also the words of your needs.

You can think of words such as sufficient supply or drainage of healthy food, air, water, digestion, rest, hug, connecting, ability or openness and grasping.

Another option is to record your letter or your positive actions and play them back just before you fall asleep.

The moment just before your deep sleep can be compared to hypnosis.

Good examples for a story in this category are;

Swimming with a dolphin/dolphins or a school of fish.

Horse riding.

Dog training.

Make clothing.

To paint.

Adventures with a mole.

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