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Visualize B

In which situation are you.
B Something about self-esteem - Identity


Which wish do you have.
B more recognition of who I am


Your Physical response
B more tight hand


Your emotion thereby
B more scared or excited


00:00 / 04:37

Your thinking thereby
B more suspicious or curious


Your behaviour thereby
B more checking whether 


Aktie die op deze energie past is
B zelfbevestiging op iets wat je bent

Visualization on B

Self-esteem identity.

I am not something that makes me...  am.


I want to be. I'm...a scout or storyteller. I see customization options on... 

and know that there is plenty. 

I can create a positive image of at least 3 key words from the color orange.

For example;tight hand, excited, curious, orientating.

I call up this image 6 times a day for 9 seconds.

I do this with dedication as if it is already completely there and repeat this for 9 days.

In which skill have you specialized and how strong is your self-esteem in that skill?

To what extent are you able to do or learn this?

In this pattern, visualize what you want to learn and how you are going to do it.

Think of all the skills you need and explore the options for learning them.

Recognize your triggers such as saying "sorry".

Instead, go for “thank you for the tip.”  

Pay attention to your self-esteem and integrity, but also to danger.

What do you want to be afraid of or not and what do you want to be excited about?

And visualize what happens in your body. Tension or relaxation.

Consider whether you want to become suspicious or curious and whether you will check or orientate yourself.

But also use words aimed at your needs, such as recognition, empathy, appreciation, performance, optimization, excitement or tolerance and patience.

And what are you going to do with your need for relaxation and knowledge? Is your knowledge/skills sufficient or not sufficient?

You might want to think, "Don't panic, it's just chaos"...

But above all, what you desire abstractly is already there in abundance. What do you want now?
So I don't become a director, but I am able to bring my potential to fruition.

Nothing is too crazy as long as it is aimed at a non-aggressive, positive experience.

Fantasize about it. You might become very adventurous.

If you have any doubts about the direction of your visualization, write a letter first.

Write a letter to yourself in the future that starts with the sentence...

Doubting was good, but trying was better....!


I'm excited!

There are 8 (orange) keywords in the orange system:

suspicious- curious- tight hand, scared- excited- checking- orienting- freezing 

Use those different words for your letter choices.

But also use words that focus on your needs, such as order, care, peace, protection, love, control, charging or interesting and courageous.

Another option is to record your letter or your positive actions and play them back just before you fall asleep.

The moment just before your deep sleep can be compared to hypnosis.

Good story examples in this category are;

Traveling in foreign cultures.

Rafting on rough waters.

Climbing at great heights.

Walking in the storm.

Adventures with a fox.

Now think of a story that contains the following words.

Suspicious - curious - tight hand, scared - excited,

- check - orient - freeze 

Apply it to the problem you have been working on.

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