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Situation - Wish


A Something to do with being sued/sued

B Something to do with rescuing/being rescued

C Something to do with being/becoming a victim

A recognition on do/don't do something
B acknowledgment on something to be/not be
C recognition on having or not having something

This is about tackling problem situations by looking for coherence and congruence in your patterns/conditionings.

Patterns/conditioning are the outcome of how you were raised/programmed/brainwashed.

But also what assumptions you have learned.

Any change to one of the parts of a pattern will affect the other parts. Awareness gives you clarity and choice because everything is related to everything. ​

When formulating a problem, you can take the difference between your situation and your wish. Or take your unrealized wish as your problem.

Then follow the topics in the header or the list at the bottom of the "verdict" page. You can, as it were, place the answers on each page with the colours.

You always describe something yourself and look for what fits in the A, B, C "colour funnel". Where does your description fits most. The colour scheme can help you continually adjust throughout the process. Those colours help you find that coherence/congruence.

You can think of it as an algorithm that points out where a bug may be or a tom-tom that shows you the way. You follow a logic based on energy. Too much, unfocused or little energy.

The ABC colour scheme is, as it were, a counselor who asks you critical questions with empathy and will never judge you. If you are always in the same colour, your response is congruent. If you get a different colour, there is something incoherent somewhere and therefore there is an unconscious reaction or there is another problem. And that often causes "circular" thinking. ​ Your subconscious is probably warning you here on this site (unfortunately) to do or think something different. That's usually to prevent you from feeling what you feel...(because pain). That is called resistance.

So keep focus! Once upon a time, wandering was functional. The question is whether that is still the case.

Difference between situation and wish = Problem /Challenge - Strive

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