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Visualiseren A

What situation are you in. 
A Something about territorial position


What wish do you have. 
A more recognition of what I do


Your physical reaction A more fist

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Your emotion about it.
A more angry or happy

You think about that
A more reproachful or enthusiastic

Your behavior in doing so
A more enter into or decide

 Action that fits this energy is
A self-affirmation on something you do

Visualisation on A

 Create a positive image with at least 3 red keywords. For example; fist, happy, enthusiastic, engage.. Recall this image for 9 seconds 6 times a day. Do this with dedication as if it is already completely there. Repeat this for 9 days. ​

What have you specialized in. 

Visualize what you want to discharge/achieve and how you are going to do that.

Consider what your position will be in your territory, how are you going to deal with your anger or your happiness, what influence will you be able to gain and in what way.

All the energy you feel and will direct.

Do you do that reproachfully or enthusiastically, full of self-confidence or like a fly in the bull's ear? Describe how you want to fight or defend and how you deal with your need to focus your energy. What do you want to fight or take action for.

But above all, what you desire abstractly is already there in abundance.

What you want more of. keep it as broad as possible.

So not the state lottery, but finance. Not the fame on TV, but admiration. ​

Use your imagination. Nothing is too crazy as long as it is aimed at a non-aggressive positive experience. Fantasize about it.

If you have any doubts about the direction of your visualization, write a letter first.

Write a letter to yourself in the future looking back on your success.

Use the red keywords in the system; angry/happy, fist, reproachful/enthusiastic, enter into/decide, discharge. ​ ​ But also use words aimed at your needs, such as recognition, empathy, appreciation, performance, tolerance, optimization, discharge or patient.

Another option is to record your letter or your positive actions and play them just before you fall asleep. The moment just before your deep sleep can be compared to hypnosis. ​


Visualization topics that fit well here are, for example; A graduation ceremony. A racing car competition. A soccer game. Speaking to the public. An adventure on horseback. Now think of a story that contains the following words. Angry/happy, fist, reproachful/enthusiastic, entering into/deciding, discharging. Apply it to the problem you have been working on. Use the most involved senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing...

And send yourself a nice voicemail with words like that.

Maak je eigen visualisatie en gebruik frequentie 528
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