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.Describe the situation you are struggling with here.
Then your wish in that situation.
Then find the difference between your situation and your wish, because your problem is always that difference.

What do you want to reflect on? Is there a challenge, are there things that need to be optimized or is there a problem? You investigate, look back on a situation, problem or challenge.
A problem is made up of a pattern and a pattern makes you react unconsciously.
Patterns are the outcome of how you were raised / programmed / brainwashed. But also what assumptions you have learned.
In particular a pattern is ; a physical reaction, an emotion, thinking and behaviour.
These themes have been reduced to the core, to the essence, here in the diagram in Poland.
And offered in the  ABC colour scheme. You could also call it the energy groups A, B and C.
The colour scheme works like a funnel from the most concrete possible interpretation to a very abstract offer in A
BC form.
A tom-tom that shows the way and adapts to deviations like a route planner. Think of your problem formulation as “my location” and the “action for the future” as the final destination. Your location can change just like the final destination. The colour scheme is the "route".

Examine whether your reasoning is consistent/coherent and whether you are allowed to feel what you feel. Where is the possible "pain or resistance" and of course whether your problem formulation (your location) still correct.

Try formulating your problem again after using "if then" several times.

So you then formulate the following problem... For example ;

And if I don't/do get that... (e.g. recognition).

And if I then... respond...

And if...then...

In the header at the top or in the funnel checklist, always choose the option that comes closest.

Bewustwording heeft verschillende fases ;


1 Het is de ervaring die je perceptie vormt.

2 Het is je perceptie die je situatie kleurt.

3 Het is die kleuring die je actie bepaald.

4 Het is die actie die dat resultaat geeft.

5 Het is het resultaat dat toekomst en volgende ervaringen vorm geeft.

Situation - Problem - Challenge
1 Territory - Position
2 Self-esteem - Identity
3 Chunk conflict - Fear of death

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